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Only 32 calories per roll! Easy to make once you get the hang of it. They are very versatile and can be eaten cold or warm.


Dolma is extremely nutritious and has strong antioxidant properties.
Course Main Course
Servings 25 rolls
Calories 32 kcal


  • 226 gram Kroger – Ground Beef 93%
  • 75 gram Royal Chef’s Secret Sela Basmati White Rice – Rice Uncooked
  • 110 gram Usda – Raw Onion – Gram
  • 1 clove Garlic
  • 15 gram Parsley
  • 75 gram Hunts – Tomato Sauce
  • 5 gram Salt
  • 1 gram Black pepper
  • 150 gram Orlando – California Grape Leaves


  • Rinse the rice and let it soak for 20 minutes. Rinse again.
  • Rinse the grape leaves in hot water, let dry in a strainer. If using fresh grape leaves, blanch them first.
  • Wash and chop the parsley and/or cilantro.
  • Mince the garlic and finely chop the onions.
  • In a bowl, combine everything except for the grape leaves.
  • Spread a grape leaf on a cutting board with the stem side towards you.
  • Add a small tablespoon of the beef filling to the bottom center of the leaf.
  • Fold in the sides on the sides.
  • Fold the sides over the filling while rolling.
  • Fold the top into the center.
  • Fold them tightly enough to not break while cooking but also allow some room for the rice to expand while it cooks.
  • Assemble them in a large pot with the steam-side facing down.
  • Pour enough water or broth to cover almost the top layer. Place a small plate inverted on top to keep them in place while cooking
  • Cook over medium heat for 50 minutes.
  • Let rest for 20 minutes before serving. Can also be eaten chilled.


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