The Recipes Post was created after being fed up with scrolling through a 5-page essay to read a recipe only to find the nutrition and calorie count questionable. The nutritional information listed in most recipes is rarely accurate or made public and shared with the users. Being honest about ingredients and calories is important. All my recipes are listed with calorie content for each ingredient. This is my collection of my favorite recipes, enjoy!

About me

I made my first cake batter when I was three years old. I tried to make another cake when I was five and kept experimenting in the kitchen. Much to my mom’s frustration because the kitchen would often be coated in flour or spices. I started cooking edible food at the age of 8-9 years old and loved to experiment with different recipes and techniques. My mom taught me a valuable lesson, clean as you cook and never leave the kitchen a mess. It is easier to start cooking when the kitchen is already clean.

I am a student who grew up on a remote island above the Arctic Circle in Norway. Some years ago, I immigrated to one of the largest metropolises, Los Angeles. I quickly discovered that most foods have a lot of preservatives, fillers, or things that are not natural for the human body to digest. I feel better when using natural ingredients, so most of my recipes are based on that. For my cost breakdown, I use the costs of the actual product that I bought and log it into each serving or cost per gram.

My recipes are mostly in grams. I recommend anyone serious about cooking to get a food scale. Volume is not an accurate measurement of ingredients, and it will result in an inconsistent cooking result. I wrote a more in-depth explanation here: https://www.thecheapandhealthy.com/2023/07/17/always-weigh-your-food/

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I am a poor student trying to pay my rent and food. As a result, I have Amazon affiliate links. All funds will pay for the domain and keep the site ad-free. Everything else will go to pay down my student loan.


I am not responsible for adverse reactions, effects, or consequences resulting from the use of any recipes or suggestions herein or hereafter. Please make sure that you stay safe when cooking food. There are many free classes online to learn food and food handling safely. Always wash produce, keep separate cutting boards for each ingredient, and keep a clean workspace. Use a thermometer to check meat before consuming. I am not liable, or responsible, and do not have an obligation for any adverse reactions to food consumed including food poisoning and any kind of food-borne disease.


All of my blog content (e.g., posts, recipes (unless otherwise specified) photographs, drawings, etc.) is copyrighted. Ask for permission before you re-post my content. I love to help make sure that proper attribute is given.

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